Startup High Intensity training

When you startup a new business, it is never going to be worse than at that moment when you first open up. That’s because you can’t improve something that does not yet exist. So why not get that over with?

No matter where you are at in you bootstrap start-up journey, we have a range of short courses to help you. Choose the Startup High Intensity Training (S.H.I.T.) you think you need from the list below. We see all 7 steps as critical for the bootstrap startup if you are starting from scratch.

Even if you are just looking to earn extra money to save for a holiday, the process still works.

Starting a business doesn’t cost you the Earth. In fact, you can see more of it if you can work from anywhere.

Would you like that?

1. Beginner, Intermediate, Great Already (BIGA)

Our BIGA-SHIT course is about skills recognition, and work out if you have the skills you need to do what you love, and earn an income out of it in a competitive marketplace. If you don't have it now, that's ok. our HOT-SHIT course will help you fill in the gaps.

2. Help Overcoming Trouble (HOT)

No Small Business can go it alone, even if you are a Solopreneur. What would your rather double, $10 or $50? Following on from our BIGA-SHIT course, this HOT-SHIT course teaches you how to increase your earning capacity by doing what you are great at.

We’ll show you how to overcome your weaknesses through collaborations with others in your business network. Find people who do for love the things you hate.

3. Understanding Purchasers (UP)

If you don’t understand buyer behavior, you’ll be up the proverbial creek, without a paddle. Our UP-SHIT course teaches you the different types of empathy to use at each of the 5 steps in the buyer behaviour.

When you understand where potential customers are in the decision making process, you can meet purchaser needs all the way from tyre kickers to raving fans raving fans and repeat business.

4. Make Opportunities Viable Enterprises (MOVE)

If you don’t believe people will pay you to do what you love, then our MOVE-SHIT workshop is for you. A dream is just a plan without a timeframe, so in this workshop you’ll get the steps to go through to make your dreams come true.

All you need is a passion for something, and this is the stage before startup known as business inception. The Bootstrap Startup program is part of the Inception Network, so think of this as the cross-over course unplugging you from the matrix.

We can only show you the door. You still have to walk through it.

5. Depressed, Insecure, and Precious (DIP)

In our DIP-SHIT course, you learn how to use emotional intelligence in business to overcome the 3 main triggers why all businesses fail. Poor strategy, poor cashflow, and poor products, and how this relates to 3 of the 4 P’s of the marketing mix.

Use critical thinking to avoid these pitfalls and make smarter business decisions.

6. Social Trolls, Insurgents, and Fake Friends (STIFF)

The last P in the marketing mix, promotion, can be hard for people to do in Bootstrap startups. Particularly on social media, where you may get criticism that dents your confidence. That’s where our STIFF-SHIT course comes in. It’s not personal, you just need to be a bit thick skinned in business.

This course gives you the tools and techniques to apply what you learned in our BIGA-SHIT and HOT-SHIT courses, turning attacks into an opportunity to show off your expertise.

7. Systematic Testing of Problems (StoP)

70% of businesses survive the first year, but by the end 2nd year when businesses are looking to scale up, only 35% of businesses survive that.

This SToP-SHIT workshop applies Jobs to be done and disruptive innovation theories, as a practical analysis of your business model canvas to focus your activities only on what works. Our HOT-SHIT workshop can teach you what to do about the things that don’t work for you after this workshop as a next step in the continuous improvement process.

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Brett O'Connor


Brett O'Connor

I am a passionate instructional designer trainer, who maintains links to my 20+ years experience in the Hospitality, Retail, and Tourism industries as a marketing consultant. Improving digital literacy and creating online business opportunities specializing in growing small businesses.

As a business meetup group organizer, I run 3 groups in Brisbane with a combined membership of 3500 Social media managers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and solopreneurs to identify the support needs of businesses. Using my network to create opportunities for Small Businesses, my experience and passion is to help businesses survive a thrive in the challenging times.

Expert advice

Whatever you do in business, it only has to be good enough for you. Perfection is the enemy of profit, and until you start making money you don’t need the services of our experts.

Everyone is great at running their own business, until there is a problem. Then you need options. And if you look for solutions after they happen, that gets expensive for you.

Our experts have been through where are, and are humans too. We’ve had a coffee with them, Videos available on or learning site, to introduce what they do and how they could mentor you through your startup journey.

Not a win-win, more of a collaboration. Think “what can we build, together” at this stage of your startup journey.

Here are some examples of who you can connect with:

Dennis Hall


Dennis Hall

Dennis wrote the book on how to make an income from doing what you love. Called “If seventy is the new fifty, when do I get to retire”, if you find your passion, who says you have to retire?


Business Support

Paula Burgess

With over 20 years’ experience in admin roles, Paula is the director of this award-winning business. When she’s not working as your VA, being a coach, writing books or speaking, Paula’s a dedicated mum to a special needs child.

After losing his business in the GFC, Nik pivoted and build up a website development business. He now runs a weekly webinar and interviews not only giving away tricks of the trade, but DIY solutions for small business and how to use them.

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